What Changes are Being Made?

28 02 2010

The rise of social media tools such as the iPad, e-readers, and iPhone apps have made the magazine industry even more vulnerable to declining print sales.  Efforts to increase revenue and readership have long been underway.  Social media tools such as blogs and media kits can only go so far.  The magazine industry is taking matters into their own hands.

With the economy how it is, consumers have turned to taking advantage of the cheap subscription prices instead of paying full price at newsstands.  Many magazines are decreasing their newsstand circulations and focusing, instead, on those subscribers.

Another effort underway is a magazine marketing pact by several publishing companies.  These companies are working together to improve marketing techniques within the industry as a whole.  Although the marketing strategies have not been disclosed, there are talks of a digitized division.  In a time when everything is going to digital, it seems like a given that the publishers would need to focus on that aspect.  After all, if they didn’t think about the increased use of social media, it would be a foolish move.

Making tweaks, no matter how big or small, is necessary in keeping the magazine industry above water.  Otherwise, it’s just another lost industry in a time of heavy technological change.  What other techniques do you think would help the magazine industry maintain/gain consumers as well as increase profit?