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  • Amy studied her undergraduate degree at James Madison University.
  • She majored in Media Arts & Design with a concentration in Corporate Communication.
  • She worked at several different places since the age of 16, including retail and child care.
  • She was involved in her high school yearbook all 4 years, and was named Junior Editor as a junior, and Editor as a senior. {Amy designed the entire layout of the book, from the cover to the last page.  She wrote articles, photographed, edited, and collaborated with staffers.  She spent a majority of her time on the completion of the book.}
  • She took a variety of classes, in the School of Media Arts & Design as well as outside.


James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia

Expected to graduate in December 2010

Bachelors of Science in Media Arts & Design

Concentration in Corporate Communication


Old Navy, Gap Inc., Charlottesville, Virginia {April 2004- November 2004}

  • Amy became acquainted with working in a diverse, team-oriented environment.
  • She excelled in customer service efforts by creating a personable, welcoming environment.
  • Amy achieved sales above the average associate.

Foundations Child Development Center, Charlottesville, Virginia {December 2004- December 2008}

  • Amy assisted in teaching classes of up to 20 children, ranging in age levels from newborn to pre-kindergarten.
  • She developed and executed lesson plans, allowing her creativity to shine through.
  • She easily adapted to unforeseen events on a daily basis.
  • Amy collaborated with co-workers and parents/guardians.
  • She was motivated to insure children’s development of vital learning and social skills.
  • She worked part-time, year-round, from December 2004 until August 2006
  • Starting in August 2006, Amy worked summer and winter breaks until December 2008.
  • She has continued to receive requests to substitute teach from time to time.

“Amy’s work ethic far exceeds that of most part time, and full time, employees I have had. Not only is she totally reliable, but she always puts forth her best effort, and performs her duties efficiently and professionally. She takes initiative, problem solves, and works extremely well with others. I have full faith that Amy will far exceed any employer’s expectations, and I recommend her highly.” -Margaret Leckrone, Director, Foundations Child Development Center

JMU Bookstore – Follett Higher Education Group, Harrisonburg, Virginia {January 2009- Present}

  • Amy began as a temporary associate and within two days, she was recruited as a permanent part-time associate in the General Merchandising department.
  • She immediately demonstrated her ability to quickly learn.
  • Amy arranged and designed displays around the sales floor.
  • She ordered certain merchandise as well as organized the front areas where those items were placed.
  • She recorded inventory on a consistent basis.

“Amy is a very reliable young lady.  She is organized and is very good about staying focused on the job.  She is a very dependable person and also hard-working.  I enjoy her smile and laughter, she is the kind of person who you enjoy always working with.” -Sue Good, General Merchandise Manager, JMU Bookstore – Follett Higher Education Group

“Unlike other associates in the industry, Amy can easily be trusted to work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that any job presented gets done. With her excellent communication and organizational skills, innovative thought process and never-give-up attitude, I am positive Amy will be a huge asset where ever she goes.” -Garrett King, Assistant Director, JMU Bookstore – Follett Higher Education Group


Fundamental Skills in Media Arts & Design I

  • Amy gained basic skills in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and PhotoShop.

  • In this course, she explored the tools and uses of each program.
  • By combining these skills, she conceptualized an original magazine cover at the end of the course.

Fundamental Skills in Media Arts & Design II

  • Amy became familiarized with fundamental audio editing, video recording and editing, and web design.
  • She learned those skills through the use of GarageBand, iMovie, and Adobe Dreamweaver.

  • Amy completed several projects including a short video, that she developed with two other students.
  • She also arbitrated a website that consisted of three pages total.

Corporate Media Writing

  • Amy analyzed companies as she would as a professional corporate communicator.
  • She formulated and edited problem statements, goals and objectives, and press releases:

An example of one of the Problem Statements and Objectives that she did

Amy also practiced framing company situations and events

Feature Writing

  • Amy interviewed and wrote on a variety of subjects.
  • She became knowledgeable in writing feature stories in different formats.
  • She sharpened her skills in interviewing through the comprehension of proper questioning techniques.
  • Examples of her work:

Trouble on Route 405

Question & Answers with Counselor, Dr. A

How Small is too Small?

Pretty, Pretty Princesses

Information & Communication Technologies

  • Amy created a blog on social media within the magazine industry:

  • She developed a podcast on the heightened use of technology and it’s effect on print publications:
  • She also produced a video where she covered cross-promotion and cross-branding examples in the magazine publishing industry:
  • Throughout the semester, Amy worked in a geographically-dispersed team by taking advantage of different social media uses such as wikis, blogs, and social networks.

Other Media Arts & Design courses Amy has taken include: The Media Arts: Culture by Design, Telecommunication Policy & Regulation, Mass Communication Law and Media & Politics

Media Arts & Design courses to be taken in the Fall of 2010: Photojournalism, Print Communication Design, Interactive Design for the Web and Managing Corporate Media


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