What Measures is Teen Vogue Taking?

26 03 2010

Teen Vogue, an internationally known fashion magazine, has been taking great strides to maximize their teen following.  As with most print magazines whose sales are declining, Teen Vogue has turned toward ideas such as cross-promotion and social media techniques.

Teen Vogue, Haute Spot iPhone App

Recently, Teen Vogue has launched their Haute Spot salon service.  Teen Vogue has placed retail stores at malls throughout the country in hopes of increasing revenue.  Now, these retail stores are offering salon services, where teens can get their hair, makeup and wardrobes made over.  Haute Spot stores work closely with sponsors’ merchandise in return for advertising.

Along with the opening of salon services by Haute Spot, consumers are able to subscribe to the Teen Vogue Haute Spot Application.  The application gives users a peek into the latest clothing at the stores.  Users are able to create aliases, which are user names coupled with a picture, and give other users a look into their closet and favorite style pieces.  Other capabilities of the app are ‘my friends’ and ‘community’ sections so users can converse and share what is going on in their style world.

Although I am not a Teen Vogue follower anymore, this app seems like something I would have begged my parents to get me when I was.  Not to mention, I also would have died to get a style makeover at one of the Haute Spot locations.  These uses of cross-promotion and social media are a good source of revenue but since it is Teen Vogue, they target a teen audience who usually rely on their parents to hand over the bucks.  As a teen I know I was fairly draining on my parents’ wallets, so it’s no wonder that these innovations could lead to serious revenue streams.

That being said, do you think Haute Spot will be a success? If so, do you think it’s a good idea during such a hard financial time for many people?




2 responses

27 03 2010
Mary-Kate Wilson

I think it will be a success simply because teenage girls fill the malls, and have their cell phones attached to their hips. This is a great way to combine the two, mall and cell phone. I think the most important aspect that this app needs to recognize is the kind of stores that they will be offering this service to. If they used stores such as Forever 21, Papaya, H&M, etc, then they can get a huge following, because those stores are reasonably priced. Stores like Nordstrom and more expensive stores may not get a huge following simply because parents (especially mine) are unwilling to pay for their teen’s clothes from those kinds of outlets.

18 04 2010
Aaren Cecere

I agree with Mary-Kate about which stores they place their magazines, but I also think that this is a great idea to promote the magazine; who wouldn’t want a complete make-over and sneak peeks into he newest styles? Haute Spot will defintely be a success, even in this economy, because they hit the nail on the head with what teenage girls, who would and do read Teen Vogue, want. My only thought was besides putting the magazines in the stores they are targetting, how are they reaching out to grab new customers? They have the application but unless you read Vogue and keep up-to-date on what they are doing I feel like you wouldn’t be aware of this.

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